Activity Events in association with PerfumersWorld now offers perfumery training in the Middle East through our 5-Day Perfumery Course and Workshop

"The Art and Technology of Perfumery"

— conducted by British perfumer Stephen V. Dowthwaite.

PerfumersWorld Perfumery School offers, perhaps the most comprehensive and intensive courses on the business, marketing, technology and art of perfumery available anywhere. No little things that are held back

The training is unique in that it uses a quite revolutionary and systematic method we call The ABC's of Perfumery.

Courses are designed for training Perfumers, evaluators and marketing staff in the perfumery industry. They are also popular with business owners, aroma chemists but their approach is such that even complete beginners with no chemistry or even perfumery background can follow them.
Learn by having fun approach.

Seven years and still a junior

It typically takes about 7 years to train a perfumer and their style or best work does not really develop until after the 10th year. One of the reasons is, that when one trains in the traditional way as an apprentice, you really are told nothing. You might mix samples for a more senior perfumer and smell the materials you use and the compositions and if reasonably bright - begin to see how it all works - it all fits together. This is just one of the reasons it takes so long. Another is that every perfumer and colleague is usually protecting his own secrets and techniques that he has discovered through his own methods. Naturally he parts with these little gems as if they were the finest pearls.

One third of the time

Our goal is to teach you in one year what would normally take at least three years by the traditional method of working as an apprentice. If you don't believe that we really hold nothing back - download The Perfumer's Workbook, there really are more "secrets" in this program than in any single published book in the last 70 years. When you train on the Professional Course with us you are supplied with The Perfumer's Workbook Senior Edition. This currently has data on more than 3,000 raw materials and tells you where, when and when not to use each material.

Do I need a Degree in Chemistry?

Absolutely not - in fact over half the 500 or so perfumer's in the world do not have chemistry degrees or even formal chemistry training. Some traditional perfumers even believe it is a disadvantage.

The Truth? - the artistic side of the perfumer no more needs to know about the chemistry of his essential oils than a painter needs to know about the chemistry of his colours. But the motivated perfumer, the energetic perfumer will strive to find out why certain essential oils and chemicals have similar smells, why synergy's are formed, why does the colour of the product change, what happens to the balance of odours on the skin etc. We tell you what you need to know and how to interpret what you read.

About the Workshop

The PerfumersWorld 5-Day Workshop format was originally developed by Dowthwaite at the request of international fragrance companies to train fragrance evaluators and perfume marketing staff in the Asian market. His 5-Day Workshops have evolved into an immersion training session in fine fragrance creation, aromatherapy, natural perfumery, beauty, and household products.

This short course is hands-on training in perfume creation — creation of your own perfumes and perfumes you will create with your work group as part of the class exercises that are an integral part of the training

We work with aroma materials — synthetic and natural — single materials and bases — at full strength and diluted (to make blending practical). You will work with a library of over hundreds of aroma materials AFTER being trained in a method of selecting these materials intelligently to meet the exact needs of their student projects.

The workshop is not about creating your own small bottle of your own perfume to take home and show the folks as proof of your genius and creativity. What you will take home is an ability to create meaningful perfumes on your own.

Most important, what you will learn in this course is that perfume is not created by luck. You will learn that the starting point is in your own imagination (or in the client's request!) and, given this starting point, there are orderly processes to take you through the perfume's develop AND a clearly marked goal to aim for.

For all the "technology" that will be discussed, you do not need a technical background to thrive in this course. And, while you will be introduced to some fragrance chemistry (which you will find very helpful in selecting the most appropriate aroma materials for your projects) you need not bring any knowledge of chemistry to the workshop. Nor do we assume you know anything about formulating a perfume.

For someone with an interest in perfumery, a Steve Dowthwaite 5-Day Perfumery Workshop can be a life changing experience.

For more details about the workshop and the training agenda day by day click here.


  • Perfume designing
  • Commercial Perfumery
  • Natural Perfumery
  • Aromatherapy
  • Spa and Lifestyle Products

Who Should Attend

  • Training Perfumers
  • Perfume design evaluators
  • Marketing staff in the perfumery industry. Industry Business owners
  • Aroma chemists
  • Perfumery Beginners: the approach is made such that even complete beginners with no chemistry or even perfumery background can follow them

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Payment:Payment can be made after receiving an invoice from Activity Events either by Bank transfer, through Western Union or by credit card payment directly from PerfumersWorld Website

Training course details

Workshop: The Art and Technology of Perfumery

Dates: 3 - 7 January 2017

Fees: 1500 $
*Fee is per participant.
**Fees includes all the materials you require to complete the sessions - even a pen - but no raw materials to take away, a registered version of Perfumers Workbook software and lunch and coffee/tea breaks.

Location: To be decided soon